Nest Climate Control Instructions

What is Nest?:
Nest is a series of smart thermostats that have been installed in the mission house to conserve energy. Nest also gives us the ability to remotely control/monitor the house's temperature. There are two Nest thermostats in the Mission house located in the hallway to the front of the house and in the hallway towards the rear of the house.

​The mission house is split into two zones, each controlled separately with their own independent heating and cooling units.
Front Hallway: Controls the Bedroom temperatures
Rear Hallway: Controls the Living Space (Kitchen, Dining, etc.)

Operating Nest: Adjusting the temperature

Adjusting the temperature is very simple, walk up to the Nest Thermostat and press on the Nest Logo.
Pressing the Logo you should feel the unit move, almost like pressing a button (This is normal)








Now you will be able to rotate the outermost portion of the Nest unit to adjust the temperature









Operating Nest:​ Heating vs Cooling

1. Turn Nest on by pressing the Nest Logo

2. Pressing the Logo again will bring you into the Menu

3. Select the Red and Blue orbs by rotating the outermost portion of the Nest unit and pressing the Logo










 4. Based on personal preference you will be able to choose between Heating and Cooling











Using the outermost portion of the Nest unit you will be able to Highlight your selection and press the Logo to confirm.